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by Sugar Supplier, 21 hours ago

     Hey guys! Lots going on and the site stays so neglected. First awesome job getting heroic clears down to 3ish hours. We did see some departures from the game recently which leave us in need of players. Artek has retired for good, Nedidark had real life issues and will be unable to raid, Rawr has vanished, Cura is still MIA and a few others. With the new additions we have picked up our numbers have actually gone up, but we are in desperate need of some ranged. Preferably a WarlockElemental Shaman and a Boomkin. So, keep your eyes open as you are out doing things, pugging, timewalking, keys, etc. for players that might want a raid team.

     We are actually very close to being able to get into some Mythic content. I know that some of you are not excited about this and would rather not participate. This is absolutely fine. We can work around it as long as we know that we need to have a person ready to fill that spot. In this respect we are in need of one more healer preferably with a DPS off spec they like to fill an AOE healing role. A Druid or Monk are my top picks, Disc would be a distant third as we now have 3 Priests in the group.

      Guild bank looks great, please use anything you need for raiding or M+ as that is what it is all there for. If you can spare some Blood of Sargeras please drop a stack of herbs in! (20 Bloods = 200 herbs)! We can also use Bloods for Arkhana as well which is running low. Chaos Crystals could use some help, so when you have gear you can’t use, try and have an enchanter D/E it for you instead of vendoring!

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